The TPS Tamil Department aims to nurture pupils’ love for Tamil Language by adopting varied Teaching Strategies. Pupils are exposed to songs, listening to stories and many different language games. Role plays, Story Telling and Show-and-Tell are some strategies used effectively to arouse the pupils’ interest and engage them in learning the language.


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“I Love Reading” is a strategy that is used to encourage pupils to read Tamil Stories and develop their language. Pupils plan and organize role plays and quizzes for their fellow friends to motivate them to read. Pupils are also given opportunities to present during the Mother Tongue Early Bird Session on Wednesdays, which is conducted for all the Tamil pupils in the school. This platform gives pupils confidence to address a large audience in Tamil language.




The teachers also designed their own Oral and Composition packages to further aid pupils in their development in language. Listening Comprehension package is also designed to further equip pupils in language skills. Pupils are exposed to SAIL and Mind Mapping tools to aid them in self-directed learning. Pupils have created their own blogs and contribute articles to both Tamil Murasu and the E6 Cluster Magazine. The pupils are also provided opportunities to collaborate with pupils in the cluster through the various cluster activities, like Language Activity Day etc.





Pupils learn Indian Culture and values during their lessons. Pupils are given greater exposure to Tamil Language, Indian Culture and Values during the Mother Tongue Fortnight. Language Camps are conducted to provide pupils a greater edge in the language and culture. Apart from all this, our students are often sent for external competitions to showcase their talents. Our students have participated in Debate competitions organised by Media Corp and have done well. We aim to inspire pupils to have a life-long passion for Tamil language.


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