Partnership has always been featured as one of the keys to achieving the school’s Mission, vision and values. To engage parents, the school adopts the guiding principle “Every parent is a supportive and valued partner in nurturing our pupils’. Over the years, with the anchor support of the School Advisory Committee, more partners were involved, e.g. community partners, MOE and our cluster schools, external organisations and the school Alumni. The Partnership committee, headed by our HOD MT, was formed to coordinate all the efforts of the various stakeholders.


The roles of the respective stakeholders in education which are student-centered outline the roles and qualities we expect of each stakeholder - the child himself, his parents and family, his teachers, his Principal, MOE HQ, the Community, Business and Industry, the Alumni Association as well as the School Advisory Committee - in helping the child learn and grow. We hope that there is a common understanding of the type of partnerships that can be undertaken and how the respective roles can be fulfilled. The ultimate aim of helping all our children achieve the Desired Outcomes of Education.


The school firms partnerships with various organizations to enhance the overall quality of education. The school has developed a policy of forging focused partnerships with selected organisations. The Partnerships Committee has identified areas of focus under each of the strategic thrusts.  Based on these areas of focus, the school identifies key partners to forge long-term, sustainable partnerships. This will enable the school to deepen the partnership, thus making it more meaningful and beneficial to both the school and the organisation. We also invited key stakeholders at the end of the year for stakeholders' strategic planning session to gather their valuable feedback.