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Parents' Workshop 2018

Joyful learning

Welcome to Tampines Primary School Parents' Workshop 2018. Discover the joy of learning with your child in the various interactive workshops. Unravel the strategies that can enthuse and engage your child in his/her learning. Develop your awareness and understanding of learning to support your child. It is recommended that parent and child attend this workshop together.    
In this workshop, you will be: 
 ·         experiencing learning in a fun way 
 ·         exposed to some strategies to make learning come alive by relating to real-world context
 ·         learning how to provide suitable environment that encourages learning through exploration   

Date and Time: Sat, 3 Feb 2018 
Time: 9am -12.30pm 
Please read the details below for your online registration. The online registration is on a first –come 
first- served basis.   

Registration is from 19 Jan 2018 to 29 Jan 2018, 2359 hrs. (Registration has ended) 









A-Mazing Carnival: Experience Math through Play

Come, join us in our fun and innovative workshop for parents to connect and bond with your child. This experiential carnival features hands-on activities where parent and child learn math concepts together in a supportive environment, through play.

Our carnival aims to relate daily life situations with math concepts and problem solving skills. Experience how such activities can become fun learning experiences for your child to develop problem solving skills and reasoning abilities, which are fundamental skills for learning mathematics.


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Information and Communication Technology

Media Literacy and you

Being media literate is a crucial part of education as it has become an imperative of our lifestyle. Readers interpret the readily accessible information very differently. It’s important for pupils to understand how media can influence points of views and beliefs.

Do join us to find out how a set of 5 core questions can be used to develop critical thinking skills in our pupils when accessing media resources.


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Joyful Learning in Sports

In this practical session, we will explore psychomotor development in Athletics, Gymnastics, Games and Sports, and how the joy of learning is cultivated by progression and differentiation of activities to challenge every child, and their parent!

Remember to be comfortably dressed for some light activities.



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Let's Experiment with Me!

The workshop aims to introduce parents to simple activities that can be done at home, help pupils develop their curiosity in Science and encourage them to actively ask questions about the world around them. You will create life cycle mobile which can be used to teach the different stages of life cycle of animals. Use of Concept Cartoon and simple experiments to address some misconceptions will also be shared.


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Science Around us

This workshop will provide parents an overview on how they can support their children in the learning of Science through simple and fun hands-on experiments and purposeful conversations. With such experience, pupils will be able to better understand Science knowledge and develop their thinking skills and positive attitudes for Science inquiry.


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Character and Citizenship Education

Grit – Activities to develop the resilient child

What is Grit? Why a child needs it? How can you develop it?


In this workshop, participants will be introduced to different activities that can develop the child to be more self-motivated and drive the passion towards achieving his/her goals. 


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Mother Tongue


CL, ML & TL will be conducted concurrently in separate Rooms



Learning Mother Tongue Language Through Games @TPS


The MTL department will showcase language games to enthuse and engage learners in the teaching and learning of the Mother Tongue language. Three types of language games will be introduced to allow parents and pupils to experience and be engaged while exploring the resources displayed. Parents will be guided on how to play these games. They will have a first-hand experience on how these games make teaching and learning of Mother Tongue fun and enjoyable. Through this interactive exploration, parents will gain a deeper understanding on how games can be utilised to ensure a rich and meaningful learning of Mother Tongue.


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Raising Readers

"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book." - Dr Suess


Research has shown that reading for enjoyment has many benefits. Yet, the amount of time children spend reading leisurely has decreased over the years. The Raising Readers workshop provides an invaluable opportunity for parents to learn how to instill a love of reading in their children from young. Participants can expect to learn how to identify their children's reader type and choose the correct books for them. A variety of appropriate reading materials and NLB eResources will be shared as well.


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Engaging in Art With Your Child

Have you wondered what the current developments in art education are? Come and join us in this workshop to learn more about the 2018 Revised Primary Art Syllabus and how to engage your child in an interesting art making activity.


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Sing, Dance and Create through Play

Come join us for a fun-filled, engaging music session where we will explore singing, dancing and music-making in a creative way. Utilizing Orff pedagogy, we will provide participants with opportunities to start from where they are, to collaborate with one another and perform and create in a safe and conducive environment. 


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