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Confident and competent users of the language.


To build in our students a strong foundation in the English Language through the development of reading, writing, speaking and aural skills.

Towards a Rich Language Learning Experience

The English Department is committed to provide experiential and authentic learning experiences to enable students to explore and integrate knowledge and skills.

The Reading Support Programme fosters independent reading through exposing our students to a wide range of reading materials. The programme is made possible with the dedication and commitment of Parent Support Group (PSG) members and a group of Primary 6 students. Through the programme, students improved their word recognition and reading fluency. At the same time, their vocabulary is expanded through repeated exposure to words in context.

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Our students are engaged in learning to read through Moo-O, an online programme. Moo-O excites our students as they see themselves become the story characters, participating in the story they are reading. They can learn independently the pronunciation of a word or how to read expressively from the reading model. With the playback feature and the help of rubrics, Moo-O provides our students with immediate feedback for self-assessment of performance. They can choose to rehearse and re-record in order to improve upon fluency, rhythm, pacing, intonation and expression. Just like how a professional presenter would have done it too.