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Digital Media


Day & Time Venue Teachers-in-Charge Levels involved
8.30- 10.00
Computer lab 1/ Science lab Daniel Kuek
P3 - P6

Photography during CCA

Coding during CCA

The students are required to fix up and programme the Makebot, also known as Mbot. The Mbot can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, such as moving along tracks, being a simple smart-home controller and a simple card scanner.

P_20170224_085659.jpg P_20170303_090339.jpg
P_20170324_091832.jpg P_20170324_092738.jpg

Drone flying during CCA

The latest edition to the club is drone flying. Students learn to fly the drones free-style or by coding. They fly them through obstacle courses, and take photos and videos with them.