Language Competitions

We organize and strongly encourage our pupils to participate in language competition, be it internally or organized by external bodies.  The rationale is to provide pupils with a more authenticate experience of applying their language knowledge.





Holistic Assessment

P1 and P2 Portfolio Assessment initiatives give our students opportunities to indulge in self-directed learning, where they become active contributors in their own learning. They are involved in critical analysis of their own language learning and development. Team spirit is also inculcated and developed.  Supplementary lessons are conducted with aims to provide students with supplementary and additional academic assistance on language learning, beyond school hours.




Learning Packages

The department employs drama strategies in the teaching of the Malay language to help value-add to the pupils’ learning.  It also provides opportunities for pupils to demonstrate thinking and communication skills.  Our teachers also designed our own Composition and Oral packages aim to help students be equipped with essential composition and oral skills, respectively, to score better in their examinations.  Parents’ workshops are conducted by our teachers to keep parents abreast of the latest exam formats, understand comprehension-answering techniques, and share some useful and effective study tips to help their children at home.