Junior Olympics


On Tuesday 5th November, our Primary 1 & 2 pupils participated in the Junior Olympics Day held in school throughout the day. They took part in various modified games from the school’s core sports CCAs - Softball, Football, Floorball and Basketball. These games were led by the respective CCA teachers and facilitated by our Primary 6 CCA leaders, who served as role models to their younger peers as well as providing them a platform to share their knowledge and passion of the sport.

The pupils received awards not based on their game scores but by the conduct and behaviours they demonstrated during the Junior Olympics by their classmates collectively, which were based on the School and Olympic values of Excellence, Resilience, Adaptability, Respect and Sportsmanship among others.

Our Primary 2 pupils whom were able to show their talent and aptitude in these sports were also identified for selection into the CCA by the Coaches and Teachers for 2014.

It was a truly memorable day for these pupils and this was evident by the delight on their faces while playing and also in their fervour when cheering for their classmates. Their teachers too had a great time interacting and supporting them, at the same time further developing their character through sports and games.

Junior Olympics