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Community Service

Values In Action (VIA)

In alignment with our school’s Strategic Thrust 2: Nurturing Leaders of Character, the school aims to enrich our pupils and staff learning experience through involvement in community service. The school wants to provide the pupils with a holistic education and to nurture the whole child. Taking into cognizance the Desired Outcomes of Education (Concerned Citizens and Active Contributors), as well as the school’s direction and strategic thrusts, the VIA framework and approach is anchored on the school core values – Resilience, Excellence, Adaptability and Passion (REAP) and the three school principles.


The school believes in developing the pupils and staff to have a strong sense of commitment to serve the school and community, a sense of responsibility to the environment and the spirit of volunteerism so that they exhibit the Hallmark Traits of Tampinesian pupils and staff.


The reframing of the Community Involvement Programme (CIP) as Values in Action (VIA), puts a greater focus on pupils acquiring values. VIA encourages pupils to identify and understand community issues, initiate action among their peers to make a difference and improve the lives of others.


Pupils will reflect on their VIA experiences, to reinforce the learning and internalize the values, put them into practice. VIA is an important component of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE).


Pupils’ VIA activities are deployed under 3 main domains.

  • Whole – school Involvement
  • Level Involvement
  • CCA Involvement