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Civics and Moral Education

Civics and Moral Education is an integral part of our character development programme, with the aim to nurture students to demonstrate the “Hallmarks of a Tampinesian Pupil”. CME lesson, conducted in our Mother Tongue languages, lends itself naturally to the inculcation of values and traditions. Besides the prescribed syllabus, the Early Bird Programme on every Wednesday is another effective avenue where values are taught. Through this avenue, themes of different cultures are shared during the programme, and henceforth, as part of our on-going innovation efforts to refine our programmes to better achieve the School Vision by learning how to value and be valued.


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CME and Confucius Teaching

As part of our effort to achieve our school vision, TPS has deepened our partnership with Confucius Institute (CI) to promote good values. With this aim in mind, the department developed a new curriculum package to infuse Confucian Values into the teaching of CME. The curriculum is designed based on the same principle where the cultivation of good moral values begins in the individual and resonates outwards to the family, community, nation and the world.  This overlapping emphasis on the approach to the inculcation of values in both the CME syllabus and Confucianism opens the possibility for us to explore the richness of the stories and values found in Confucianism to enhance the effectiveness of teaching CME. The new curriculum has become an integral component for P3 CL CME syllabus.


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