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Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day was held on 6 February 2018 with the objective of creating awareness on Cyber Wellness messages to the students. The key message for the students was for them to be responsible internet users.
Safer Internet Day Poster

Safer Internet Day Poster with slogan

A number of programmes were lined up to encourage students’ participation. It started off with a sharing during our school’s Early Bird Programme where students took the Cyber Wellness pledge, led by one of our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors. A copy of the Cyber Wellness pledge was also displayed in each
classroom to reinforce the message.

Students taking the pledge

A Cyber Wellness quiz was also conducted for our students during lunch break where they used the iPads to answer questions related to Cyber Wellness.
jigsaw puzzle

Student working on the jigsaw puzzle using the iPads

tokens for participants

One of our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors giving out tokens to participants.

The day ended with a presentation on cyber bullying by The Children’s Society where students were reminded of the Cyber Wellness principles RRP (Respect, Responsibility, Friendly) before posting anything online.

Speaker interacting with students during the talk

As for the follow-up activity, students are encouraged to participate in an ICT Competition where they create a poster using PowerPoint to reinforce Safer Internet Day messages.