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International Friendship Day 2016

"Small countries have little power to alter the region, let alone the world. A small country must seek a maximum number of friends, while maintaining the freedom to be itself as a sovereign and independent nation."  - Mr Lee Kuan Yew, 2009


TPS commemorated International Friendship Day (IFD) between 4th and 8th April 2016.This year, the theme for IFD was ASEAN. A series of activities was lined up to allow pupils to appreciate cultural diversity and reflect on their role in embracing others from diverse backgrounds. Pupils had the opportunity to immerse and find out more about the culture of ASEAN countries through the Early Bird Programme, Recess Activity Booths, Art-infused Activities and CCE Classroom Activities.Through IFD, we want to nurture in pupils the spirit of friendship and collaboration with their international peers.


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