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Community Theatre 2016

"Excuse me, REALLY, is this a good school?"

30 years has passed. Has Everbright lost its shine...? Sole academic pursuit - will they lead to success or distress? With threats from the social media keyboard warriors, everything went viral - what could possible save Everbright Primary? Join the adventure of Everbright community as they try to rescue their beloved school with kindness.

Creative staging, clever casting and audience laughter. These came together in a show that's brought an awareness to the issue on stress and social media in a light-hearted way. The play was produced based on ideas collaboratively devised by teacher actors and pupils from Theatrics in Action. This year, the story depicted the meaning of school life - the kindness and unity of the bond within the school and how the joy of schooling lives in our hearts. One of the pupil actors, 9-years-old Jasper Tan stole the hearts of many with his quirky dance moves.

The audience participation for the forum theatre segment creates an opportunity to dialogue and exchange perspectives in the different issues raised from the play. One of the parents participated and acted as the Mayor, speaking in his perspective of the character. It was very interesting to watch the new perspective that he has brought into the play and the audience responded to the scene played.

Overall this was a successful production full of laughter and lively characters. The play should resonate with anyone who had a memorable time in school and may it bring meaning to our human experience in the community we live in today.