Developing the academic capacity of our children ensures the basic prerequisite to survival, in our fast and ever-changing society.  Enhancing their lives through holistic development equips them with the means to deal with the challenges ahead so that they may succeed.

In Tampines Primary, we believe that every child can learn and excel.  We seek to develop the total child – in the cognitive, social-emotional-moral, mental, physical, aesthetics and leadership domains.  We also remind ourselves that every pupil is unique, he/she learns differently and possesses different strengths in various domains. Therefore, we acknowledged the need to deliver and implement quality customised programmes through the formal and non-formal curricula for every pupil.  

As our mission is to nurture life-long learners of good character; character and citizenship development is an integral part of our focus.  Together with our parents, teachers and pupils, we work towards the common goal in developing each and every child to achieve the Hallmarks of a Tampinesian Pupil.