Individuals with inquiring minds and care for the environment.





To nurture in every child a sense of wonder and curiosity in the world around them through a vibrant learning environment. 





Play @ Work

Science is infused into STELLAR where Primary 1 and 2 pupils acquire basic process skills like observing and comparing through selected Science related topics in STELLAR.


Young Scientist @ Work (Primary Science Inquiry Package)

Pupils are taught using the 5E instructional model with various strategies like role-play, problem-solving, investigation, cooperative learning and many more. Pupils go through the stages of Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate to discover their new knowledge and skills without forgetting the ethics and attitudes of a Young Scientist. Through this inquiry model approach,pupils are provided with hands-on experiences to learn in a fun and vibrant environment.






E2K Science Programme

This programme was adapted by MOE’s Gifted Education Branch and is offered to selected students with high potential in Science. The aim of E2K Science is to promote the habit of Scientific inquiry process skills among pupils and to nurture other important 21st century competencies such as resilience, critical and inventive thinking, and effective communication skills.




School as a Learning Tool

Learning of Science is not limited to only inside the classrooms or Science rooms.  Pupils are brought around the school compound for their Science lessons especially the Ecogarden.



Go Green

Every year the school will dedicate a week to heighten awareness on the importance of going green and to be a caring and concerned citizen for our environment. Level and recess wide activities are carried out in school to educate our pupils on the steps they could follow to save the environment. The Science Department will also organize an annual school wide recycling drive to promote active recycling among all staff and pupils.




Experiential Learning - Science Field Trips

Singapore Science Centre and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve are some of the places pupils go, to experience learning outside school.  Field trips serve as alternative avenues to provide the authentic and vibrant experiences for pupils to construct meaning from Scientific facts they acquired. Pupils investigate and make connections of what they already know to what they learn during these field trips.  After the trips, they carry on with research or activities to further enhance their understanding.






Young Einsteins Recess Programme

Selected groups of pupils are provided with opportunities to investigate on fun Science experiments beyond the Science curriculum and showcase their experiments during recess time. This helps to build self-confidence and communication among the young scientists who are presenting and also create a sense of wonder and curiosity among the other pupils visiting the booths.