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Physical Education


A healthy and active individual who contributes positively to the community



To nurture pupils who have the right attitude and aptitude for sports and healthy living




Physical Education in Tampines Primary School is integral to the all-round development of our pupils. Psychomotor skills are taught in tandem with cognitive understanding based on age-appropriate sports science principles. Underpinning the physical education experience is an emphasis on values inculcation and character building – which provides a conducive environment for our pupils to have fun to learn with and from one another.


The curriculum comprises of Athletics, Dance, Games & Sports, Gymnastics, Physical Health & Fitness and Swimming. Innovative initiatives leveraging technology  collaborative practice, such as our Video Analysis & Critique of Sport Skills and P6 Sport Education - provide authentic contexts and experiences as the foundation to equip our pupils with skills  competencies for the future.


Video Analysis and Critique of Sport Skills



Through analysis critique of peers’ performance of sport skills, pupils develop a deeper understanding of the biomechanical principles that contribute to good performance.



P6 Sport Education


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Sport Education aims to develop pupils’ perception of sport to encompass non-playing roles that are prevalent in modern sport. Pupils participate in are responsible for the organisation of their teams throughout the season with the teacher as a facilitator. Reflection peer evaluations are done by the pupils to frame their learning experiences.



Healthy Lifestyle Week


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The week serves as a lead up to the Senior Olympics, where all pupils participate in the “I am a Role Model” program - focussing on desired behaviour when participating in sport - conducted by our Parent Support Group members, as well as practice matches during recess to prepare for the Senior Olympics. Augmenting these is Eye Care Week activities with the key message to “Keep Myopia at Bay. Go Outdoors Play”.



Senior Olympics



Senior Olympics promotes the right values and is a celebration of sport. Pupils participate in inter-class Basketball, Floorball, Football, Softball and Relay Run competitions in co-ed teams.



Obesity Seminar


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The seminar aims to build on existing home-school partnership towards attaining a healthier weight for our pupils. Tackling childhood obesity early would help to reduce the risk of weight-related diseases later on in adulthood and it has been proven to increase pupils’ academic achievement. The hands on seminar provide parents with knowledge and ideas to help their child as well as strengthen family bonds.



Sports Exposure


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In addition to games & sports taught in the curriculum, our pupils are given exposure to alternative and contemporary sports such as Inline Skating, Golf and Martial Arts. These sessions are conducted by invited coaches experienced in their respective sports who share our principles towards education.



Junior Olympics


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The Junior Olympics serve as a culminating event for P1 – P2 pupils where they are able to demonstrate the skills and attitudes learnt throughout the year. Pupils are able to apply them in small-sided/modified Basketball, Floorball, Football and Softball competitions. Parent Volunteers too get involved and served as “umpires” with the values-based scoring based on MOE, School Olympic values.