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Innovation & Enterprise

Aligned with Ministry of Education’s vision of “Thinking Schools, Learning Nation”, Tampines Primary School recognizes the role of Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) in challenging the mindsets of teachers and pupils in the changing education landscape.  The revised Desired Outcomes of Education (Curriculum 2015 student outcomes) and 21st Century Skills reinforce the need to leverage I&E to provide a holistic education for our pupils.  The school has in place programmes to nurture creativity and enterprise in pupils.



Interdisciplinary Project Work

Project Work provides pupils and teachers with opportunities to break away from the compartmentalization of knowledge and skills. Broad themes, which cut across subjects, are used to bring the various aspects of the curriculum together.  Hence project work will help pupils see the interconnectedness of their learning. Pupils are then encouraged to use resources, to work collaboratively, to think critically, creatively and independently and to communicate their findings.   

Since 2010, Project Work in TPS for Primary 3 to 6 adopts the 6-step Future Problem-Solving Model.  The Primary 3 took on the theme My Clean Tampines. In 2013 pupils designed and created an e-book and a jingle to promote a clean environment for the community.


i&e1  i&e2  i&e3


The P4s worked on My Green Tampines where pupils designed and created a 3D prototype of a functional object with recycled materials to promote a green environment for the community. The pupils also presented their proposal to their peers and teachers.


The P5s covered the theme of My Future Tampines and pupils designed and created a 2D/ 3D model of a proposed facility/ building for the Future Tampines Town. They also visited the Jamiyah Home for the Aged for a pre Project Work Learning Journey. The visit provided a more compassionate angle towards their Project Work.


The P6s took on a more direct community involvement approach. They identified a community issue and derived at a solution for improvement. The groups created a video commentary for their project work. It is done as a post PSLE activity.


i&e4  i&e5



As an initiative to nurture the entrepreneurship spirit in students, “Inno-shop” is implemented since Term 2 of 2010. Pupils become little bosses where learn budgeting, marketing and bookkeeping skills. The programme aims to encourage pupils to be enterprising and innovative through ‘hands-on’ learning opportunities.


i&e6  i&e7


Design For Change Challenge

Leveraging on the spirit of I&E, pupils from Primary 3 to Primary 5 of the I&E club participated in the Design for Change Challenge since 2012. DESIGN FOR CHANGE is the largest global movement designed to give children an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action. The program encourages children to explore and identify aspects in their immediate surroundings or elsewhere, which they like to make a difference to. They are directly involved in designing and leading change in their community. Hands on! In 2012, one of the representing teams adopted the cause” Respecting elderly Low Wage Workers”. The team emerged as one of the winning teams in the annual challenge. They were also filmed and the feature was used to promote SoChinAction(Social Change in Action).


In 2013, the representing team that adopted the cause, “I may be different but that doesn’t mean that you can treat me this way… STOP BULLYING!” also emerged as one of the winning teams in the annual challenge.



Pupil Suggestion Scheme

Our school involves all pupils in the pupil suggestion scheme to promote a culture excellence amongst pupils. It leverages on the Learning Management System (LMS) to encourage and gather pupil suggestions. The suggestions are evaluated based on a rubric and pupils are recognized for their good suggestions.