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Information Communication Technology (ICT)


An ICT-savvy school where everyone is an ethical user of technology



We aim to be a community of self-directed, collaborative and socially responsible digital users




ICT Department

Tampines Primary School immerses pupils in a technologically-enriched learning environment which engages them whilst acquiring the 21st Century Competencies needed to succeed in today’s world. We leverage on the affordances of technology to engage pupils in collaborative and self-directed learning, which promotes higher order thinking skills.


ICT Structured Programme

Tampines Primary School has a Structured ICT programme for pupils from Primary One to Primary Six. The pupils will pick up ICT skills in line with MOE Baseline ICT Standards. The programme integrates ICT skills into the mastering of core subjects such as English and Mother Tongue languages, Mathematics and Art and Crafts. In addition, pupils work with different ICT tools to develop different end products, and are evaluated at the end of the course according to the rubrics created for each level.


The table below provides more details on the programme structure. 

ICT Tool



Baseline ICT Standards

End Product

Microsoft Word

Primary One


Learning with text

Pupils to complete typing out a short story in Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Primary Two


Learning with multimedia

Pupils  to come out with a poster for their classroom, using the tools available in the Powerpoint.

Microsoft Powerpoint (Advanced)

Primary Three


Learning with multimedia

Learning with Searches

Pupils to create an e-book, using Powerpoint.

Microsoft Excel

Primary Four


Learning with Spreadsheet

Pupils will be given a quiz at the last lesson to create table and graph and to make use of the different functions learnt.

Manga Art

Primary Five


Learning with multimedia

Pupils to design a character related to Cyber-wellness.

Windows Movie Maker

Primary Six


Learning with multimedia

Learning with communication tools

Given a theme, pupils are to create a short movie using Windows Movie Maker.


ICT Integration Lessons

Constructivism points out that “learners are active builders of their own cognitive structures” (Forcier & Descy, 2008). They must actively construct new knowledge based on their own individual experiences and understanding. Teachers become the guide and facilitator of learning and students become the author of their own learning.  


Hence, Tampines Primary School leverages on the potential of ICT to create a rich environment of sensory experiences and provide rich learning experiences which allow students to construct their own knowledge. For example, ICT tools such as Interactive Whiteboards, online games and quizzes, blogs, discussion forums and audio recording tools are used to engage pupils in active learning.

Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day was held on 6 February 2018 with the objective of creating awareness on Cyber Wellness messages to the students. The key message for the students was for them to be responsible internet users.
Safer Internet Day Poster

Safer Internet Day Poster with slogan

A number of programmes were lined up to encourage students’ participation. It started off with a sharing during our school’s Early Bird Programme where students took the Cyber Wellness pledge, led by one of our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors. A copy of the Cyber Wellness pledge was also displayed in each cl
assroom to reinforce the message.

Students taking the pledge

A Cyber Wellness quiz was also conducted for our students during lunch break where they used the iPads to answer questions related to Cyber Wellness.
jigsaw puzzle

Student working on the jigsaw puzzle using the iPads

tokens for participants

One of our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors giving out tokens to participants.

The day ended with a presentation on cyber bullying by The Children’s Society where students were reminded of the Cyber Wellness principles RRP (Respect, Responsibility, Friendly) before posting anything online.

Speaker interacting with students during the talk

As for the follow-up activity, students are encouraged to participate in an ICT Competition where they create a poster using PowerPoint to reinforce Safer Internet Day messages.

Cyber Wellness

  • Tip Sheet for Parents - Helping your child stay safe online.
    Tips and strategies to manage the cyber issue at home.