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Citizenship and Character Education (CCE)


Student Leadership - Socially responsible leaders with vigor to impact and influence

Character and Citizenry - Resilient and responsible learners with a sense of national identity


Department Mission

To nurture morally-upright leaders of good character in a warm, caring and supportive school environment





In Tampines Primary, our mission is to nurture lifelong learners of good character. The teachers and pupils are guided by the principle that “Every child can learn and excel” not only in the academic area but also in the non-academic areas. In our journey towards enriching our pupils beyond limits, we look at developing the self-directed learner who is confident and has the self-efficacy to learn beyond the primary education. It is our hope that every child who leaves Tampines Primary School will carry the Hallmark of a Tampinesian Pupil: Self-motivated, Self-disciplined, Creative and Adaptable, Happy and Healthy, Caring and Confident.

In developing the Hallmark of a Tampinesian, the school has developed explicit CCE lessons with the focus on values education (school values which includes the qualities in the Hallmark of Tampinesian), student leadership, NE and life skills through the enhanced TPS Spring. After every lesson, pupils are to seek for opportunities to apply their skills which will be recorded within the lesson document itself. The school has also developed a pupils’ self-assessment tool as a form “of learning” and “for learning” in the areas of Character, Citizenship and Leadership with the clear indication of the expected behaviour towards the development of a Hallmark pupil. Active involvement of parents and teachers will assist in the triangulation of their development.


MOE Programmes

School Initiated Programmes

Form Teacher’s Guidance Period (FTGP)

Early Bird Programme

Civic and Moral Education (CME)

TPS Spring

Social Studies

Character Development Dossier

Celebration of 4 NE Core Events

Social Studies Day

Growing Years Series (P5 and P6)

Habits of Mind




As the school continues to develop the pupils with a global mindset, it is vital to foster in them an emotional attachment to Singapore. The school strives to nurture resilient and responsible learners who are ready to take on future challenges and have a strong civic consciousness in taking an active role in improving the lives of others around them. As national education forms a part of the school’s citizenship programme, pupils are exposed to myriad of opportunities to experience the Singapore story. One such opportunity is through the 4 NE commemorations:

1)    Total Defence Day

2)    International Friendship Day

3)    Racial Harmony Day

4)    National Day


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Student Leadership

With the belief that every pupil can learn and excel, the school provides leadership opportunities to every pupil of different capabilities. Student leaders are provided with many platforms to showcase their leadership qualities through organizing and coordinating events. Training is also provided for student leaders in the classroom so as to equip them with the skills and knowledge in executing their roles as members of the class committee.


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