In working towards our school mission of nurturing life-long learners of good character, our Strategic Thrust 1 'Achieving  Academic Excellence' plays a very important and essential role to help to prepare our pupils to meet their academic learning needs for the future. Our school anchors Academic Excellence in 4 areas: Pupil Profile, Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Resources. Each area plays a very important function to ensure the different ability groups are provided with comprehensive and challenging academic programmes where effective teaching and engaged learning (PoETEL) is carried out in a conducive and vibrant learning environment. TPS is recognized for her efforts in developing innovative academic supporting systems and structures to enhance teaching and learning.


Academic Excellence

MicroScorePic is an item analysis system is capable to report on the learning outcome of each pupil at microscopic level. It provides informative and qualitative reports on pupils' learning outcome, at topical/skill level, in each subject so that value-adding teaching resources could be developed to address learning gaps and engaging pedagogies introduced to support the school's belief that every child can learn and excel.


PoETEL (Practices of Effective Teaching and Engaged Learning) is a school-based curriculum innovation which advocates effective teacher behaviour in 5 domains, namely Learning Outcomes, Content, Process, Intellectual Climate and Social-Emotion Climate. It is used by teachers as a guide for lesson planning and execution; a tool for lesson evaluation; and a frame for professional development.