Reading Programme

We have a variety of activities to promote reading. Teachers and pupils share the stories that have read at the Mother Tongue Early Bird programme every Wednesday.

Holistic Assessment

Holistic Assessment consists of a range of the formative tasks (e.g show and tell, interactive writing and interactive conversation) to grow our pupils to be a self-directed learners and confident speakers which are the key competencies for 21st century. Holistic Assessment also provide the useful information to teachers and parents on the progress of the pupil. Furthermore, the qualitative feedback will help pupils to learn about their strengths, weaknesses and steps they could take to support his/her learning.

Bi-Culture Programme

To help pupils develop an appreciation of both the Singapore and Chinese culture, TPS embarked on Bi-Culture Programme in 2010 for P3 and P4 High Progress pupils.

This innovative programme exposes our P3 and P4 High Progress pupils to Chinese Literature, Culture, traditions and history. Under this programme, pupils have given the opportunities to get in touch with Singapore and China’s History, drama training and to go on interesting learning journey.

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Learning Packages

Different learning packages such as oral and reading comprehension are designed by teachers to help students be equipped with essential language skills.



Weekly MT Early Bird Programme

To provide another chance for pupils to gather together to expose in their Mother Tongue languages. Teachers and pupils share on various themes from traditional values to idioms on Wednesdays' morning. This Early Bird Programme also function as a platform to recognize pupils' achievement in Chinese Language.