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Cyberwellness Matters

 To ensure that our pupils are safe and have positive experiences online, the school would like to encourage parents to reinforce the following at home with your child:                                          

1. Seek permission before using any computing devices. This includes      
    downloading any applications 
on computing devices (including mobile phone)
2. Exit websites which share inappropriate information
3. Activate parental controls in all computing devices
4. Establish ground rules regarding the use of all computing devices
5. Set a time limit for the use of computing devices
6. Navigate the internet with your child to have a better understanding of what he/she is doing online.

While we cannot fully protect our children from being exposed to viral contents online, together with the school, parents can play an important role in teaching them how to be more discerning and minimise the negative effects of exposure to harmful content.

For more information regarding Cyberwellness, you can refer to the following website:

Two articles published on encourage parents to have an open conversation with their children about their struggles, including pointers on watching out for signs of anxiety and distress, if any.