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School Values – iREAP

The Tampinesian Hallmarks

The Tampinesian hallmarks represent the collective hopes and aspirations we have of all Tampinesians. They were reviewed at the end of 2020 through a series of focus group discussions, in tandem with our re-envisioning.  Through these conversations, it was evident that we still want them to be self-disciplined, self-motivated, caring, confident, creative, adaptable, happy and healthy.


The Tampinesian hallmarks delineate the distinctive attributes we want our students to be endowed with. They help us and our students understand and work towards the vision of what it means to be a “Community School of Excellence: Caring Hearts and Creative Minds”


Our iREAP Values


Our iREAP values are the foundation of everything that we do and shapes who we are as a school and as a community. The iREAP values, articulated as “integrity – our foundation’, ‘Resilience – our spirit’, ‘Excellence – our attitude’, ‘Adaptability – our capability’ and ‘Passion – our drive’ impacts the overall school tone and interactions. The iREAP values includes behavioural traits to guide the students in their decision making and character development journey at TPPS.

The school strongly believes that every student, guided by iREAP values and the Tampinesian Hallmarks, will become a lifelong learner of good character who will thrive in a VUCA world, where change is the only constant.



Our TPPS Ambassadors


In 2021, The Five TPPS Ambassadors Avatars were created to help our students relate and understand the Tampinesian Hallmarks. The avatars are manifestations and iconic representations of our Tampinesian Hallmarks and iREAP values. They serve as an inspiration, friend and a guide to Tampinesians to achieve the Hallmarks and be the best they can be. The avatars are also embedded into all facets of school life to create excitement and fun and increase student engagement.


These traits are summarized below, in alignment to our IREAP Values.



My Hallmarks Portal


Launched in 2021, the portal is a self-evaluation tool to encourage students to reflect, monitor and take ownership of their character development journey in their years in TPPS.

Guided by our TPPS Ambassadors, the portal also includes a co-reflection component that would require parents to be actively involved in their children’s character development journey