The Clubs provide platforms for pupils to pick up specific skills and to apply them in specific situations.  For example, the Art Club members are exposed to more art and craft mediums and learn how to apply more complex Art techniques.  These skills are then applied through their art pieces, some of which are used for various inter-school and National Art competitions conducted for them.  This year, our Art Club members are gearing up for the Art & Craft SFY 2015.

I & E Club provide opportunities for pupils to gain creative problem-solving and entrepreneurship skills through workshops organised for them.  Pupils are also given the opportunity to put these skills to use by setting up booths to sell their products during recess. 


Digital Media Club is a club where pupils will be learning more about designing and creating websites, videos using digital media tools. 


Weiqi provides the opportunity for pupils to learn the basics of playing Weiqi, as well as, develop their thinking skills through the game. Pupils with potential will be selected to participate in competitions.



Digital Media Club                                        I & E Club




Art Club                                                        Weiqi